Monday, October 22, 2007

Will Trade Dental Service for a hot tub/spa

I am looking for a hot tub that would seat 4+ people. If not new it must be as close to new as possible. you will take care of delivery also. Please send a picture. I offer high end dental services in all phases of dentistry, including implants, but except braces.

Not to start off by saying "Only in California..." but really, only in california would you see an ad like this. Hot tubs are everywhere here, from the most modest house to the most palatial, they may as well become currency. But even in their ubiquitousness, they never quite lose the creepy swinger vibe they picked up in the 70s and, as a result, I think the last person I would want working on my teeth would be the dude that would trade it for a hot tub.

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