Friday, February 8, 2008

dipping contraption?

Not sure what this is called. I believe it is used
to dip stuff into whatever is in the little bowl. Comes
with two jars (never opened), one little dipping bowl,
one dispenser bottle (for oil or vinegar) and a metal
carrying thing.

So if you want this nameless, useless thing gimme a call on, you know, that other thing that makes that sound and then I say what's up into it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Need a Female Model for Friday(2/8/08) - $100 An Hour!!

We are looking for a man to sit in a vehicle while our engineers take photos and measurements. We will pay the qualified male a $100 an hour. We would like to do this inspection this in our office Friday(2/8/08)at 10:00am. Here are the specifications we are looking for:


5'6"and a half to 5'7"and a half (without shoes)
160 - 180lbs. (without shoes)

We reqiure a preliminary height and weight check before the actual photo shoot date.
This one sure is a mystery wrapped up inside an enigma isn't it? Is it porn? Why call it an "inspection"? And why the gender flip? File under creepy!