Sunday, September 16, 2007


This wonderful little book is "Little Black Sambo," published by the Whitman Company in MCML (that's 1950, I think). Illustrations are by Suzanne. The book is in pretty good shape; the inside is really nice, not colored in or written in, but the spine is a little frowzy and there's a little bit of paper loss on the back cover. The best part is the insides; the pages are bright and really nice.

Let's reiterate something about Craigslist: People e-mail you or call you, they come to your house to pick the stuff up. It's very, very public and very, very private all at the same time. And, knowing this, you willingly decide to sell your copy of, ahem, "Little Black Sambo"?

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Paul M. Davis said...

A "wonderful little book" no less!